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Extensive range of investment consultancy service in Greater London

Are you looking to invest in a property, financial market or start a business? Kent House Properties & Investment Ltd can help you by providing expert advice, helping you feel confident with your decision and to get the best deal for yourself.

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Property Investment

If you are looking to get into property investment but you are unsure of what steps to go through, Kent House Properties & Investment Ltd will guide you. When done correctly, investing in property and getting onto the property ladder will help you make big returns. But you need to make sure you understand the process and market. We will go through a full consultation where we gather information from you, such as your budget, what kind of property you are looking, and will educate you about the property market. Once you find a property, we will guide you through a step by step process and advise what decisions you need to make.

We also provide consultancy into property investment in Nigeria & Ghana, as there is currently a boom in the market. There is a big opportunity to make big returns and we have excellent knowledge and experience in property in Nigeria and Ghana, meaning we will be able to help you with your decision and investment if you are looking to invest in those countries. 

Financial Market Investment

If you are looking to invest into the financial market, please visit our partner Galaxy Signals. Galaxy Signals have analysts who have great knowledge and experience in the financial market, new traders and experience traders are all welcome. Galaxy Signals can provide you trading signals that will help you feel confident in making important decision in your investment.

Business Assisted Living & Care

When you are looking to go into the living and care sector, the council will require you to have support plan. Kent House Properties & Investment Ltd will help you construct a plan for the council and give you advice, making sure you know what to do as you are going through the process.

Starting a Business

There are lot of strategies that go into starting a business, it’s not just about having the funds, you need to think about what is your expenditure? What is your expected profit? Do you have backup funds or have enough funds to pay yourself a wage? At Kent House Properties & Investment Ltd, we will advise you all the steps you need to go through when starting a business, how much you will potentially need (depending on the business) and help you devise a strategy.

If you are interested in one our investment consultancy services please get in touch. We are based in Bromley but we cover Greater London

If you are based in Greater London and you are looking for Investment Consultancy, email Kent House Properties & Investment Ltd at info@kenthouseproperties.co.uk